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Wedding Florists Wexford – The Perfect Choice for Flowers and your Wedding

Enjoy, absorb, treasure each detail from now, all the preparations and the event itself, we are your Florist of Choice.

At Lily Bloom florist, we can design and create whatever theme you both have in mind, we are modern contemporary, fresh, vibrant florists, with years of experience. Each wedding we create is your wedding, individual to you both, it’s what you want and we will give it the attention to detail it deserves.

Even though our experience spans over 25 years, each wedding still creates that butterfly feeling, nerves, anticipation, but the completed product and a happy couple creates such satisfaction. If you have your design in mind, let us bring it to life, if you have no idea let us release our creative side.

We will work together over the months leading up to your Wedding day with various appointments and meetings. Flowers are so important (we aren’t biased), in our opinion, as they feature in every photograph whether it be a shot of the happy couple, the venue, the cake, buttoners they are all top of the list, and should always compliment, not compromise.

Take a look at our testimonials page to see what people are saying about us.

Call in for prices, packages available, or just for an informal chat on what you might need.

We look forward to looking after you and yours, and having the pleasure to add to the ambience of your special Wedding Day.

Debbie Kelly  – Contemporary Designer In Floristry



Tones, Textures & Quality are all important features when choosing your wedding flowers. The colour “white” falls under a huge category of white, what are you talking about you might ask ??? but any good florist will know what I mean. We make sure that tints, tones and shades work on whatever fabrics or textured material you have chosen, so there are no unnecessary surprises the morning of your wedding.

Peak season events around Europe i.e. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, can increase prices as all of Europe depend on The Aalsmer Auction. Demand is on for more stock which increases labour with the growers and hence price per stem increases. If your Wedding falls in or around these times, don’t sweat we can work together to come up with a plan, we will guide you, but it can be important for you to know so you may need to budget plan for it.

We have experience in all surrounding Hotels, Venues and Churches so we can advise what you might need, how much or how little you decide on is completely up to you both.

95% of flowers are now imported from Holland and are available all year around, except maybe 10 days give and take over the Christmas period, when the auctions close. While almost everything is always available, quality can be down though and price is up, so it is important to know what you’re dealing with in the buying process, and that’s where our experience comes to the forefront. We buy direct from Holland with an overwhelming choice and selection.