Typical cost of Wedding flowers in Ireland & Why choosing the Right florist is important.

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Typical cost of Wedding flowers in Ireland & Why choosing the Right florist is important.

It’s a question Brides/Grooms ask us all the time “How much will my Wedding flowers cost?” and rightly so, but while we can give an average price there are a few factors to consider before we can give a final price.

Time of year Peak seasons in the flower trade, i.e. Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, set a huge demand on stock from all over the world to the auctions in Holland, and in effect drives up prices, so if you are planning your big day in a few days of these peak times, prices may vary.

Flower type and season While all flowers are available (most) to import all year, if there is a particular choice that is out of season, you will be guaranteed to spend a lot more for it, and will not be guaranteed good quality. A good experienced florist will be able to guide you in the right direction here and use a very similar substitute.

Off the wall selection If you are that bride/groom who wants mad, off the wall, crazy, never seen before, chances are you will pay a little more for your florist’s time, in sourcing and making sure of quality of samples and stock before the big day, but hey no sweat Sidney we love a challenge.

Average prices in Ireland vary hugely depending on the factors we have just spoke about and also on location, but averaging for our store would be

Bridal Design €85 / €120+

Bridesmaids Design €45 / €55

Buttoner’s €6.50

Crowns €35 / €70

Flower Girls €25 / €50

Church/ civil ceremony from €150/€950 depending on size of venue, and choice of flowers, we can cater for all budgets here.

Table centres €25/ €200

And the list can go on and on, but again while this is only an average, if your Wedding flowers are important to you, it is advisable to go with an experienced reputable florist who can work with you to achieve that look with a realistic budget in mind.

Your wedding flowers should be selected to work in harmony with the colouring and texture of your Bridal gown & Bridesmaids, to enhance and compliment, to ensure quality shading and textures are correct as your Wedding bouquet will feature in all of your Wedding snaps.

Top piece of Advice though, book your florist early, it’s no harm to have your day secured, all the finer details will be sorted nearer to your day, usually after dresses and fabrics are decided, then we can start to make flower visions and create your theme.


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