Terms & Conditions Weddings

Terms & Conditions


  • We understand most couples need an idea of spend, but unfortunately due to market fluctuations
    on perishable stock, we can only quote for your Wedding at the time of enquiry based on the actual
    market prices at that time, therefore are not liable for any increase or decrease on stock.
  • We require a Security Booking fee of €100 at the time of Booking in order to secure your date with
    us. Be advised this is a STAND-ALONE FEE, therefore it does not act as a Deposit and it does not
    come off your final balance due. The purpose of this fee is to secure your date for you and you
    alone. Until received your date is free to go to someone else. This is non-refundable or Transferable.
  • Should you require to change your order for less due to whatever circumstances we will not reduce the estimated quote by more than 25 %.
  • Should you require to change your order for more we ask you bring this to our attention 4 week before your Date.
  • We require full payment 2 weeks before you’re Wedding. Should this be delayed, it will result in your flower order not being activated.
  • We will issue a Final Invoice for this with a Due Date for your convenience.

By paying your Security fee you are agreeing to our T&C.